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Add soy to your diet to boost your bone health

Add soy to your diet to boost your bone health
Isoflavones may protect against certain types of cancer and if eaten throughout the lifespan have a role in bone health. A gram of soy protein has 3 mg of isoflavones. The average Asian diet has 25 to 50 mg of isoflavones from food, while the average ...

Diet control lowers obesity risk in kids
Times of India
However, a new animal model study at UCLA found when small babies were placed on a diet of moderately regulated calories during infancy, the propensity of becoming obese decreased. Because this is an early study, UCLA researchers do not recommend that ...

Veggie diet helps Adele lose weight
The 23-year-old 'Someone Like You' singer and her boyfriend Simon Konecki, 36, have reportedly been on a health kick and replaced meat with jogging. A source told the Daily Mirror: “The weight is dropping off the pair of them and they plan to keep ...

Low energy density diets may help lose weight
Zee News
It concluded that there is strong and consistent evidence in adults showing that consuming a diet higher in ED is associated with increased body weight, while consuming a diet that is relatively low in ED improves weight loss and weight maintenance.

Zee News

Is diet soda healthy? Depends on what you eat
Futurity: Research News
“It is important that people consider the entirety of their diet before they consider switching to or adding diet beverages,” says study author Kiyah Duffey. “Because without doing so they may not realize the health benefits they were hoping to see.

'The Drop 10 Diet': 10 Stay-Slim Tips For Life
Huffington Post
It's not often that you hear healthy eating tips like "Add to your plate to lose weight!" Which is why "The Drop 10 Diet," by SELF magazine's editor-in-chief, Lucy Danziger, caught our eye. In the book, readers find 30 metabolism-boosting, fat-burning ...

Strong and consistent evidence supports low-energy-density diets for weight loss
Medical Xpress
A new report published online today in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics systematically reviews and updates the evidence underlying the recommendation in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 to consume a diet low in energy ...

Fast Food and the Blues--Is There a Connection?
Catholic Online
Recent preliminary studies on diet and depression reveal what clinicians have long suspected: People who regularly eat fast food diets are more prone to various forms of mental illness, particularly depression and anxiety, than those who eat a regular ...

Get Reba McEntire's diet tips to glow with health
When country music star Reba McEntire stepped onto the stage to co-host the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards with Blake Shelton last night, she glowed with health. So how does she stay in such perfect shape? Her secrets: no white foods, ...

Drop one bad habit, gain years of life: study
Winnipeg Free Press
Researchers examined responses from Ontario health surveys then compiled the data to plug into "survival models" that analyzed approximately 80000 virtual people who lived with combinations of these five deadly habits. Of these virtual people, ...

Money Minute: Burger King's 'healthy' new menu [Video]
Los Angeles Times
BK has unveiled a new menu that includes 10 dishes it says will appeal to diet- and fitness-conscious consumers. These taste treats include Caesar salads, smoothies and wraps. "We spent the last year analyzing every aspect of our business to better ...

Healthy lifestyle choices lead to a healthy memory
U-T San Diego
Fortunately, research has shown that many of the lifestyle choices that support a healthy body can also help maintain memory health. A heart-healthy diet, for example, is associated not only with healthier memory function over time but also with lower ...

Higher Energy Density Diets Linked To Higher Body Weight
Medical News Today
Strong and consistent evidence indicates that adults consuming a higher energy density (ED)diet have a higher body weight, whilst those who eat a relatively low ED diet experience weight loss and maintain their weight, whilst there is moderate proof ...

Great. Now we know exactly how bad our bad habits are
Scientists at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Public Health Ontario, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the University of Ottawa spent more than a decade tracking the health of tens of thousands of Ontarians before announcing, ...

Chronic inflammation linked to overall health
Jackson Clarion Ledger
Inflammation has become the new buzzword in the world of health and wellness. Inflammation is defined as a complex biological response to a harmful or irritating stimulus. In other words, the body launches an attack and fights back when there are germs ...

Diet pills are a big FAT lie
Weight loss is the simplest thing in the world: you consume fewer calories than you burn. It really is that simple. Eat less, exercise more, lose weight. If you've ever been tempted to try one of these miracle products, don't do it. The diet 'industry' ...

The big fat truth
Southside Pride
BY RAINA GOLDSTEIN Almost every day I hear people talking about how they need to cut out fat from their diet so they can lose weight. People associate the word fat with gaining weight or looking unhealthy. In reality, dietary fat keeps us healthy in ...

Adele - Adele 'loses 14lbs On Vegetarian Diet'
Adele has shed 14lbs thanks to a vegetarian diet. The 23-year-old 'Someone Like You' singer and her boyfriend Simon Konecki, 36, have reportedly been on ahealth kick and replaced meat with jogging. A source told the Daily Mirror: ''The weight is ...

U.S. Women Could Be More Obese Than Believed
Everyday Health
Researchers Dr. Eric Braverman, president of the Path Foundation in New York City, and Dr. Nirav Shah, the current New York state health commissioner, say that an accurate measurement of obesity should include percentage of body fat as well as the ...

Healthy Eating Lessons From America's Best Chefs
Everyday Health
From going meat-free off-duty to banning sugar from the house, author Allison Adato shares thehealthy eating secrets of the country's top chefs. By Annie Hauser, Senior Editor How do some of the world's top chefs, who constantly make (and presumably ...

8 Key aspects of the Viking diet
Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
What everyone is now calling the New Nordic Diet is in fact the same regime as the one designed as part of a Danish research project called OPUS. Its aim was to observe the effects of Scandinavian eating on the health, development and wellbeing of ...

The Manhattan diet: The secret of staying slim in the city
Irish Independent
Now their diet secrets have been picked over by New York writer Eileen Daspin, whose new book The Manhattan Diet is a guide to the eating habits of its super-thin residents. Daspin got the idea for the book when she read a New York Times report which ...

Irish Independent

Red meat has many benefits for athletes, magazine says
Washington Post
An Athlete's diet Red meat revival? Runner's World, “Meaty Issues,” April 2012 In a time whenhealth-conscious individuals often stick to the monotony of chicken breasts and fish for their protein, Runner's World makes a pitch for chowing down on red ...

Dropping a bad habit could add years to your life, Ontario study says
By Gabrielle Tieman, For Postmedia News April 2, 2012 11:09 AM Eliminating a bad habit — like a poor diet — can add years to your life, according to an Ontario health study. Butt out the cigarette and grab those running shoes — an Ontario study ...

6 Sneaky Ways to Lose Weight Fast
Make small diet changes in your nutritional plan and use the following 6 sneaky ways to lose weight fast. Take one step at a time and get used to a healthyeating plan with a few simple pro dieter tricks. The list of 6 sneaky ways to lose weight fast ...

2012 County Health Rankings Highlight Health Differences between California ...
MarketWatch (press release)
OAKLAND, Calif., April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Where we live impacts our health, and while medical care is important, much of what affects health occurs outside of medical care settings. This is the message of the 2012 County Health Rankings ...

CDC: US vitamin intake OK, but with gaps
ATLANTA, April 2 (UPI) -- The US population has good levels of vitamins A and D and folate but some groups need to increase their levels of vitamin D and iron, health officials say. The Second National Report on Biochemical Indicators of Diet and ...

FDA Denies Ban of BPA in Food Packaging
Diets In Review (blog)
The Food and Drug Administration's assessment is that the scientific evidence currently suggests that the very low levels of human exposure to BPA through the diet are not unsafe. With the support of the National Institute of Environmental Health ...

Doctors answer reader questions on specialized diets, hemorrhoids
The Tennessean
Email health@ or mail to The Tennessean, Ask An Expert, 1100 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203. Content may be edited for clarity. My son suffers from seizures, and I believe he might benefit from a nutrition plan like a gluten-free diet.

Whole Grains & Health: Taste Right, Trend Right
Food Product Design
Whole grains currently enjoy a high level of consumer awareness, even though many consumers are still unclear as to the exact health benefits. In a Jan. 2012 Nielsen Company survey, "Battle of the Bulge & Nutrition Labels: Healthy Eating Trends Around ...

Laughter touted as best medicine
Usually when people think about improving health, they think about diet and exercise, said Liz Cox, a project manager for the Healthiest State Initiative. But just as important is emotionalhealth — and laughter can go a long way to improving it.

Whole Health Source: Eocene Diet Follow-up
By Stephan Guyenet
It didn't end with the Paleolithic, in fact it accelerated, and most of us today carry meaningful adaptations to the Neolithic diet and lifestyle. Modern genetics has revealed that we are all genetic patchwork quilts, our genomes shaped by several ...
Whole Health Source

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